High Desert Dog Training

Where Good Dogs Go to Become Great!

We help frustrated dog owners have an easier life with their dogs… without having to do everything themselves

High Desert Dog Training

Where Good Dogs Go to Become Great!

We help frustrated dog owners have an easier life with their dogs… without having to do everything themselves

I want to start my puppy out right!

I want my dog to behave!

I want a well-mannered dog PLEASE!

We work with Reno area dog owners who are having issues like these (YES we've seen it all!):

  • No manners in the house

  • Lacking manners in public

  • Won't stay when and where they are told

  • Won't come when called

  • Doesn't listen

  • Think their name is "NO"

  • Awful at the vet

  • Can't have their nails trimmed

  • Stealing food

  • Bolting out the door

  • Charging the door when the doorbell rings

  • Chewing up things in the house

  • Aggression issues

  • Digging up the yard

  • Biting and nipping at kids and guests

  • Jumping on guests and everyone

  • No manners when riding in the car

  • Gets carsick

  • Pulling on the leash

  • Excessive barking

  • Begging and counter surfing

  • Dog wants to be with dogs more than humans

  • Crate training and potty training issues

We Believe YOU Deserve...

  • Honest communication from your trainer

  • A customized training plan for your dog

  • Frequent updates during board and trains

  • A dog that listens and wants to do the right thing

  • A better relationship between you and your dog

McCoy's Success Story

"Karen has been an integral part of our 3rd puppy journey. We spoke before he came home, she met him at 9 weeks, and together we came up with a plan to set McCoy up for success!

It’s not easy to leave a 4 month old puppy behind for a month, and I was pretty apprehensive. But we did a 4 week board and train while we travelled for that time, and Karen eased my separation pains over and over. I can be more high maintenance than the puppy!

McCoy is just a typical terrier puppy. He came back clean and neat and fresh, his coat in far superior shape to any other boarding or care situations any of our pups have been in. His loose leash skills are totally amazing (he was pulling a lot before we left), he is now way more responsive to commands and clearly wants to work with us.

Karen kept me updated almost daily with progress reports, sent videos of him, and he was introduced to a ranch full of animals and other dogs, and had safe controlled interactions with all!

She spent time on his “user manual” and insistence of follow up lessons, which we are totally for because we are the ones who need follow up training!"

Johanna H.

Why You Can Trust Us:

Hi! I'm Karen Kibbe.

I'm a dog trainer who has competed in dog sports from the age of 12, I truly love everything about working with and living with dogs.

I am also a rare dog trainer in that I very much enjoy working with their humans too!

I like the bond of humans and their dogs, and how a dog just makes our lives better.

I’m happiest when I can help a dog be a better dog citizen in the world and with their people with little to no stress - AND when I can see both in their element together!

I am so excited to meet your dog and help you!

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3 Simple Steps to Get the Dog Training Help You Need:

1. Click one of the buttons on this page

And fill out the form as thoroughly as possible so we have the best information about how to help you.

2. We will call, text or email you back

And then we will set up a phone consultation to discuss an individualized training plan for you and your dog or puppy

3. If we are a good fit...

Then we will book your dog into a training program!

We've Helped Hundreds of Dogs:

  • Walk easily with their elderly parents and not pull them down the road

  • Be able to be handled by children safely

  • Stop bolting out doors, which means they aren't being hit by cars

  • Wait patiently when guests come into or leave the house

  • Learn to be dog neutral - this means no more inappropriate play or greetings with other dogs

  • Go on controlled off-leash hikes

  • Be able to patiently stay at their people's feet, while they are having coffee or a meal with tons of distractions

  • Walk on a leash politely at places like: Farmer's Markets, the Marina where squirrels like to torture dogs, dog friendly stores and anywhere their people want to take them

Charlie's Success Story

Sending our 3-month old puppy to Karen was the best investment we could have made. We gave her a hyper puppy that we didn’t quite understand and 4 weeks later, we have a well-socialized puppy who understands calmness and who we know how to handle (for the most part! We’re always learning).

If you want to invest in your bond with your dog, and if you want to challenge yourself and your pup to be better, go to Karen! She will challenge you both but it’s also a very fun and rewarding experience with lasting effects. We already have plans to send our pup back when we’ll be going out of town so that she can continue learning more as she grows up.

Amanda D.

What you get when you train with us:

  • The confidence that you and your dog are living your best lives

  • Compassionate dog training

  • Excellent communication about how to succeed

  • The help you've been looking for

  • Stop the issues that have been driving you (and maybe your neighbors) crazy!

  • Continue training with us after graduation in exclusive group classes (only for graduates!)

  • Graduate our programs and be able to take the Canine Good Citizen test

3 Ways You Can Train With Us:

Puppy Board & Train

  • For puppies from 8 weeks to 6 months - set your puppy up for life!

Adult Dog Board & Train

  • For all dogs over the age of 6 months, with some restrictions

Private Lessons

  • Must qualify for private lessons - no behavior modification cases - must set up a consultation first.

Piper's Success Story

Karen was great with my dog!

Piper had lots of fears of floors and would just pancake and refuse to walk on them.

She now not only doesn’t pull on leash, she sits, downs, places and stays…

and walks on unfamiliar surfaces with confidence!!!

She also passed her Canine Good Citizen!!!!

Katie C.

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